Providing Clean Drinking Water For Children Around The World


MORE THAN 1 BILLION people today in developing countries drink from unsafe and contaminated water that causes viruses, bacteria, illnesses and death.

Childrens Water For Life was founded by 8 year old, Isabella who was deeply moved and saddened by the knowledge that so many people, especially children, die every day for lack of clean, safe water. It struck her that not everyone had access to such a simple and basic commodity. After understanding that it’s just not that easy to mail bottles of water to children around the globe, she became encouraged by the “PUR” packet when she heard Dr. Greg Allgood, Director of Children’s Safe Drinking Water at Proctor & Gamble (P&G) describe the product and the huge need for it on a television commercial.

Proctor & Gamble, along with the Centers for Disease Control developed a simple water purification product called “PUR” packets. In only 30 minutes, this simple powder can remove all harmful bacteria, viruses and dirt from contaminated water

P&G Pur Packet


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